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    Take reservations, confirm room booking in real time and accept online payments

    Promote events and special offers that are only available through your website 

    Showcase your amenities and best-selling features to entice guests to book instantly

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    First, we contact you to schedule the absolutely FREE consultation. We reach you by email and set up a date and time to meet. We can do the consultation online, via phone or even face to face, depending on your location and availability.



    ​Next, we identify what your hotel needs to increase direct room sales. We evaluate how well your online identity corresponds to your hotel's brand. During the session, we review your online presence in the news, online travel agencies (OTA) and social media. 



    Then, we present features that will bring the most value for your hotel. You will get our top recommendations on how to improve direct booking. Find out  the best and most cost effective solutions to maximize profits for your independent hotel.

    More than 70% of business and family travel start with an online search

    Travel consumers search online before booking their trip. They seek value, convenience and comparison shop with increasing frequency. This means that your next hotel guest is checking online sources such as social media, review sites, online travel agencies (OTA) and your website.

    Of these online sources, you can only directly manage your hotel website.

    It is virtually impossible to stand out in a standard OTA listing. Online ratings and reviews depend on your guests and whether they want to share their experience. A hotel's social media pages, while helpful, cannot fully represent your brand visually and functionally. Without a website, your online reputation is fully dependent on these external sources.

    And, that's only the beginning. Guests check for your website even when they find your hotel through an online travel agency (OTA). But for independent hotels, up to 70% of total room sales are still made through an OTA. This happens when the hotel website isn't available or doesn't accept online reservations. That's valuable profit for your hotel that goes to commissions, instead.  

    Can you afford to lose room sales just because your competition looks more credible online?

    Managing your online presence is a must to survive in this competitive field. Online customer reviews, social media and blogs are all references for travel consumers.

    What do your guests find when they search your hotel online? Hopefully, not this.

    Hotel Business Website WP Design Philippines

    Increase direct room sales with a business website for your hotel. 

    Easy to Find

    Build online credibility with a intuitive, easy to navigate hotel website design. Make the right impression with a beautifully branded business website. It’s an important first step in developing a guest's confidence in your hotel. 

    Easy to Reach

    Give your guests more ways to reach you with a contact form and live chat. Learn more about your market with analytics. Understand what draws your visitors with customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

    Easy to Book

    Make it easy for travelers to make reservations and directly book in your hotel. Display all your available rooms in real time and provide secure online payment facilities. Save on OTA commissions and be more profitable.

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