Raju Mandhyan

Jul 27

As You Dream, So You Do. As You Do, So You Become.

Raju Mandhyan has been developing and building individuals and whole enterprises through executive coaching and business mentoring for more than 15 years. This was preceded by eighteen years of selling, building and delivering solutions and projects in engineering, investments and international trade.

More recently, Raju has been consulting with large business heads and business owners and providing executive and cross-cultural coaching to expatriate and global leaders. His consulting and coaching work is complemented with providing end-to-end organizational development and corporate culture resetting.


What Our Clients Say

WP Design Philippines first spends a ton of time and energy in diagnosing what you, the client, need and dream of. When they get close to that vision, they roll up their creative sleeves and put together a visual and a massively functional masterpiece. They don’t leave you there but work with you until that masterpiece becomes second skin to you and your business.

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